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    FOPSP Monthly Meeting

    Friends of Pocahontas State Park

    Every month the FOPSP executive, volunteers and park staff meet to discuss and plan upcoming events, projects, initiatives and purchases. Attending is a great way to get involved and learn more about the park and its activities. Please stop in...

    Meditation and Relaxation - at Charter Colony, Midlothian

    Heartfulness RVA

    These sessions offer a practical experience of Heartfulness Meditation which you can experience and then integrate into your daily life. Heartfulness Meditation is a practical technique that you can use in parallel to any other spiritual...

    Thursday Morning Wood Stocking

    Friends of Pocahontas State Park

    Every Thursday we stock the campground with fresh firewood. If we have extra time we may split some too! Keeping the parks campers supplied with lots of split firewood not only protects the park from invasive pests but also generates thousands of...

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